What NOT to do after a knee replacement therapy

One of the most important things to maintain after knee replacement therapy is your physical therapy exercises. However, there are things you should never do after this type of surgery, and some of them may seem common sense until reasoning with another perspective. Next, we will provide you with a short list of what NOT to do after a knee replacement therapy:


  • Do not place a pillow under your knee: You may think it’s a good way to rest and protect your knee, but it is not. A pillow under your knee will keep it slightly flexed and may cause muscle contractions.


what not to do after knee replacement
This is a bad idea ma’am….


  • Do not take a bath or swim until your doctor says otherwise: A hot tub, a swimming pool, and soaking your surgery wounds in massage oils or any other liquid is not a good idea and may lead to an infection in your surgery wound. For a while, take a shower or a sponge bath instead and keep your wound clean.


  • Do not kneel or cross your legs: You may think this is a normal activity you should be able to perform, but it puts a lot of pressure in the articulation, and you might not be prepared for it. That’s why there are rehabilitation exercises, and it might be too soon for that.


  • Do not drive a car: Driving is restricted after a knee replacement surgery, and the time to return behind the wheels depends on whether your intervention was performed on your right or left knee. Ask your doctors and follow his advice to the letter.


  • Do not overdo it: Remember physical therapy and going back to your daily activities should be done progressively and under supervision. Do not engage in demanding physical activities, including running, lifting heavy objects, jumping, and even returning to your job without your physician’s authorization.






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