Sore Heels


Are Your Sore Heels Getting You Down?

Many people present with pain in their heels but it can be located in many different parts of the heel. It is described variously as pain on the outside of heel, pain in heel after running, morning heel pain, burning pain in heel and back of heel pain.


The pain can be due to many different factors: regular exercise, sudden exercise, too  much exercise (over-exercise), not enough exercise (weakness). Whatever the reason, the pain can be disabling, acute and chronic and needs prompt attention.


Every step a person takes uses 19 muscles (or 20 if you classify the extensor hallucis brevis to be an individual muscle) and approximately 38 tendons. Usually, they work together in harmony to allow painless movement. It is understandable that due to the stresses placed on the foot during each step that occasionally, soreness can develop. The unfortunate aspect of this is that if a sore heel develops, this can be debilitating with occasionally,  the complainer being reduced to crawling to getting around. The best placed person to assist you when you have a sore heel is a podiatric surgeon

Why A Podiatric Surgeon Can Help You?

A Podiatric Surgeon has trained for 10 years  in surgical and non-surgical treatment of the foot. Their training  includes all those illnesses that affect the foot, are affected by the foot and detected by the foot. This breadth of knowledge means that they can quickly identify problems and appropriate treatments. Their knowledge is of a greater depth to that of other clinical professionals.


There are podiatric surgeons all over the UK throughout the NHS which means that their care, qualifications and skill are monitored. Unfortunately, there is always a waiting list to see one and then another waiting list for treatment. So the Joint Pain Clinic has available Julian Pavier, NHS Consultant Podiatrist  to treat your sore heels and any other foot problem that you might have, quickly and within a much shorter time frame so that you can quickly get back on your feet, comfortably.


How Would You Describe Your Sore Heel Problem?

Pain on the outside of heel?

Pain in heel after running?

Morning heel pain?

Back of heel pain?

Burning pain in heel?


Perhaps it can’t be isolated in a particular place in which case you might find our Plantar Fasciitis page helpful.





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