Pain Gone Pen Review

Its quite the little miracle!

Relatively new on the Market in the UK and currently generating a quiet revolution is this remarkable product PainGone Pen which has been popular for many years in Australia. Can it be the solution we have all been looking for? Is it safe and does it have any side effects?


Lets find out in our Review. We have just got our hands on it here at the clinic. We are already quite impressed….

Some Patients have actually commented they PREFER the this new way to deliver pain relief.




The unpleasantness of living with constant chronic pain is, unfortunately, far too common among the adult population here in the UK. A recent analysis of data gathered during a 2012 National Health Interview Survey determined that an estimated 25.3 million adults, or close to 12 percent of the total population of the United States, experiences chronic pain. An astounding 40 million American adults suffer severe levels of pain with regularity, and in the United Kingdom, most estimates place the incidence of chronic pain anywhere between one third and one half of the adult population. These numbers are significant because pain, in its many forms, causes a severe reduction in the quality of life and generates a prohibitive cost to the public health systems of the world.

Therefore, even though traditional medicine certainly helps, we must turn to all available avenues to diminish, and alleviate the effects of pain on our patient’s bodies and lives. In trying to achieve significant and lasting relief from chronic pain, we must rely on methods that can increase function, improve the quality of our lives, and reduce our patient’s suffering as much as possible. Functional pain relief methods abound, but truly revolutionary practices are few and far between; which is why when a new one does show up, we owe it to our patients to pay attention and dig a little deeper.

The PainGone Pen is one such product. This ground-breaking pain relief device stands poised to change the game of pain relief and improve the lives of millions of people in one fell swoop. What sets PainGone apart from the many ice and heat methods, body creams, injections, and TENS therapy devices?

Let’s take a closer look.


One of the most common afflictions that cause the development of chronic pain is arthritic disease. Arthritis is an umbrella term that describes any disorder that affects the synovial joints of the human body. The most common symptoms of an arthritic illness are swelling and stiffness of the joints as well as persistent and often crippling pain. Arthritis is inordinately problematic because it is progressive and degenerative, and perhaps worst of all, virtually unavoidable. Overall, the risk of developing the disease increases with age, and it has become the leading cause of adult disability here in the United Kingom and around the world.


This is where the PainGone Pen’s revolutionary technology and therapy, steps in to change the name of the game.

PainGone Pen is a compact, safe, and simple to use medical device that has been clinically tested and medically approved here in the UK as an effective method to treat and alleviate joint pain. PainGone is no larger than a regular sized ink pen, so you will have the convenience to take it anywhere you go. With the PainGone Pen, joint pain relief will never be further than your pocket.

The PainGone Pen is a cutting-edge device that uses stimulating frequencies to provide instant and prolonged relief from chronic joint pain. PainGone Pen is the culmination of a 20-year medical research effort to advance the field of transcutaneous nerve stimulation.

The PainGone Pen works by delivering small and controlled electric currents at the press of a button. All you have to do is press the device against the area where the pain is emanating, and then click the button several times until you feel the pain subside. PainGone Pen is so effective that you can expect to feel results within one minute of starting the treatment! My colleagues were amazed!

The currents generated by the PainGone Pen are not produced by batteries so that the PainGone Pen will remain fully functional for up to two years. Thanks to its ingenious design our patients will experience amazing pain relief and increased healing capacity, all while staying completely drug-free.

But is it as good as it sounds?

So How does The Pain Gone Pen actually work? Lets find out in this quick video.

Pain Gone Pen - How It Works



We liked using the Pen and felt it was a better alternative for many patients who dislike massages and the strong smell of traditional creams such as Voltaren and Fisiocrem.

There are some Doctors like this one featured in the Guardian many years ago,( when the Pen first came out 10 years ago) who are not very keen but we have talked to others and the majority are, like us impressed and are using this Pen in our practices. We consider them skeptical and over time many clinics and practices are now using the Pain Gone Pen.





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