How Long Should You Wear A Knee Brace?

So whether you have recently injured your knee, having extensive training and exercise or perhaps just being cautious of injury in future, Knee braces CAN be the best solution.knee support long-term

But, is there an optimal and correct amount of time to be actually wearing a knee brace?


That’s where things get interesting. One of our readers in the UK gives us an honest Review of his experience of wearing them long-term.

Are Knee Braces “For Me?”

Well, thats a personal choice of course but if you feel you need the extra support Knee Braces can give you have little to lose and a lot to gain. Especially since there are many on the market which are incredibly good value for money.



There are usually two different types of Knee Brace

  1. RIGID DESIGN – This can offer very robust support and is very durable against impact damage. Of course this also comes at a price and is more costly for the buyer.
  2. SOFT DESIGN – This offers a more general type of protection and uses compressible materials in the fabric to help support the knee. (Usually more common with runners)

Which ever Design you choose depends on what kind of Knee support you are after. This of course will then impact the amount of time you will be able to wear the brace long-term. So heavier support will in general mean a shorter amount of time you will be able to “wear” it.


Several users of knee braces have said they are happy with wearing a knee brace for several days up to several months. However if your Knee needs this amount and duration of support outside of marathon training and heavy exercise i may be better to seek your Doctors advice. We recommend anything over 8 weeks is a good maximum upper limit. We work with medial professionals and technologists. If you are interested in more information on the Technology of Knee Braces and especially Osteoarthritis you can read more here Technologyinmotion.

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