Heel Pain Treatment

Heel pain can be caused by a slight hook like extension of bone which is formed on the heel bone. This is often seen to occur along with plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis occurs in the arch of the heel and the connective tissues are seen to have an inflammation.


heel pain treatment

Heel pain and plantar fasciitis are often confused to be the same. It is often seen that the patient suffering from Plantar fasciitis also suffer from bony spurs on the heel. An X-ray confirms the presence of heel spurs.



Mostly heel spurs occur to middle-aged patients who have suffered from plantar fasciitis or have suffered from foot pain.  An X-ray shows the heel spur as a protruding bone from the point at which plantar fascia is attached. Plantar Fascia is a connective tissue which runs from the heel bone towards the foot’s base. It is responsible for the curve in the feet and it helps in balancing the weight of the body whilst running or walking. Heel spurs are seen in patients who have Plantar Fascia for a long duration of time. Occasionally heel spurs are seen in patients who never suffered from Plantar Fascia.


Treatment of Heel Spurs


Heel spurs can be cured by various ways depending on the severity of the pain.


Anti-inflammatory medicines are often prescribed in order to keep the pain in check. They reduce the inflammation and are easily available on the counter. Many times in severe cases prescription medicines can also be available.

Heel Pain from Plantar Fasciitis and How to Treat It


Some special inserts for shoes help to relax the pain in the heels and allow the patient to go about the routine jobs with ease. Moreover night splints are also available in order to relax the tissue at night. In the case of heel spurs the pain is the maximum during mornings and wearing night splints prevents the heel curve to contract hence relieving the morning pain.


These treatments are effective if continued for a long time like from three months to a year.


How Shock Wave Therapy Can Help

The latest development in the treatment of the heel pain or heel spurs is the shock wave therapy.  This treatment is for those patients who have not benefited from the above treatments. It is a process in which electric pulses give trauma to the tissues involved in the heel spur.  This helps to repair the tissues by providing inducing trauma to the tissues and forcing the body to react.




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