Fisiocrem vs Voltaren (Voltarol)- Which one is Best?

fisiocrem vs voltaren
Which one will solve my Joint Pain the BEST? Keep reading to find out…

So we all know Voltarol; its pretty much a household name in the UK for “effective Pain Relief” as their advertisement motto goes. But is it really the BEST for Pain Relief?

Theres a new-comer on the block. Its name is Fisiocrem and its already a big thing down-under in Australia. Even certain Sports personalities have been seen using it in Public.

So which will you pick? But before you decide lets remember……



  • 1 Teaspoon should be enough once you open the tube and squeeze out the contents.
  • Apply to the affected joint
  • Make sure you apply evenly
  • Massage will be needed for BOTH products (Especially Fisiocrem)
  • Apply up to 3 times a day for total peace of mind and Pain-free Joints



What you NEED to Know about ALL JOINT PAIN CREAMS!

Most cases of joint pain in women are treated with oral pain medication prescription; however, recent studies have suggested that when administered orally, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as acetaminophen and naproxen, are only able to offer incremental short-term benefits. Additionally, these types of medicines induce significant risks of causing gastrointestinal bleeding disorders with prolonged usage. Therefore, there is a mounting consensus that oral NSAID´s are not the optimal method of treating chronic joint pain disorders.

Women especially are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to oral therapies for the treatment of osteoarthritis and other similar disorders. Women tend to react differently than men to most medications for treating joint pain. This is because fluctuating hormonal levels are able to habitually decrease the amount of drugs that we find circulating in the patient´s blood. Consequently, the adequate dose of pain medication is more difficult to identify in women than in men.

Further complicating the issue is the fact that women’s digestive systems are slower, which can cause oral medications to become ineffective at treating joint pain.

Therefore, we propose that the use of topical treatments will be far more effective in treating joint pain disorders in women.

The market offers patients with joint pain a plethora of creams and other topical ointments that can expertly help to reduce and relieve joint pain. As the name implies, these treatments are exclusively topical and provide their medicinal benefits when they are applied directly to the skin. The majority of these creams are able to provide rapid and effective relief. Although these creams are useful in treating systemic female joint pain, they will be most effective treating pain localized in joints that are relatively close to the skin such as such as the joints in the hands, elbows knees, and ankles.

Among the topical treatments that are effective for treating joint pain, we find products whose active components include camphor, menthol, eucalyptus, lidocaine, prilocaine, salicylates, counterirritants, capsaicin, and the usual Anti-inflammatory agents and analgesics.

These creams are highly effective at stimulating the affected nerve endings and inhibiting pain signals from reaching the brain, as well as increasing vasodilatation to the affected joint which also significantly reduces the sensation of pain. Most important of all, these topical treatments are able to dramatically inhibit the formation of prostaglandins, which are physiologically active inflammatory lipid compounds. By limiting the formation of prostaglandins in the affected joints, topical joint pain creams will reduce inflammation and thus effectively get rid of the pain.



fisiocrem review uk
New Kid on the block. Looks like its the BEST too….

Lets start with Fisiocrem shall we? It has performed as the athletes number one choice in Australia for a long time now. It is definitely the stronger solution and product to reducing Joint pain. Because it is specifically aimed at Athletes who do demand more and better pain treatment FAST, Fisiocrem has the edge over Voltaren in that regard.

It contains natural active herb compounds which reduce inflammation and excessive acute pain when applied to joints. It should be applied generously to the problem area and massaged thoroughly to ensure the best absorption.

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The quick massage will also make sure that blood and lymphatic circulation improves locally arund the painful area

So what are the ingredients of this new kid on the block in the UK?

  1. Hypericum Peroratum – Its a mouthful but this is also more commonly known as St. Johns Wort. Well-known to have anti-viral and anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidat properties.
  2. Calendula Officinalis – More well-known here in the UK as Marigold. Again emphasing anti-inflammatory properties and also helps reduce muscle spasms.
  3. Arnica Montana – This is widely used for homeopathic therapies. Also anti-inflammatory , analgesic and contains anti-biotic compounds. Used in the past for healing wounds and stops bacterial growth.
  4. Melaleuca Alternifolia – Again in modern English this is Tea Tree oil. One of natures miricalous inventions similar to all healing honey. Boosts the bodies immune system and very potent anti-bacterial properties.

Now with the content of the cream explained lets delve into the science. So Fisiocrem has active ingredients that stop the release of pro inflammatory enzymes around the joint.

When the cream has absorbed sufficiently (5 minutes or so you will feel a strong numbing sensation around the problem area) the area beneath the skin will have the pain receptors inhibited significantly.


  • Contains natural ingredients that stop the inflamation process FAST. (This is the main reason why its so popular with atheltes and now you for FAST joint pain relief)
  • Can also be used for Muscle pain but is better for joints.
  • The smell of this product Fisocrem has a better odor than Voltaren many have commented. Not as strong a smell.
  • Very safe to use and easy delivery with AMAZON UK


  • Since this is a more potent and STRONGER product it will also cost more to buy.
  • Quite painful if applied to broken skin as its a strong cream.
  • Can be itchy to begin with first time using it, because it is more powerful than Voltaren


Conclusion with Fisiocrem

A great product that should be pounced on since it does not require a Doctors prescription here in the UK at the moment. It is a quick working Cream and much more effective. Again using Amazon delivery will make your life even easier as you will not need to venture outside to the local shops to buy it even if it was available, which it isnt currently in the UK.

9/10  RATING

For use as a Extremly fast way to stop your Chronic Joint pain.




Now we will look at the well known Voltarol. Did you know that it is a non-sterodial anti-inflammatory drug? You can look at the study here from the USA. Voltarol claim that it will ease arthertic pain after frequent use (which means buying several of the products) already Fisiocrem will save you money LONG-TERM. They only claim it will make your life “bearable” and for users reading this we assume you can attest it does this – JUST.

Many of our readers have said the same thing, it does the job but we need something more potent.

So what are the ingredients of Voltaren? Many of you reading this will alreadly be very familiar with this product. But we have included the essentials here just in case you dont know. Check out Voltarol UK Website for more information.


  1. Diclofenac – This is the most important ingredient in Voltaren. Proven in many tests to lower inflammation and alleviate joint pain at a MODERATE level.
  2. Vitam”I” – This is an ingredient that helps the body absorb calcium and the life necessary chemical phosphorus in bones.
  3. Other ingredients of note are Carbomerhomopolymer.



  • Certainly the cheaper option of the two and well-known brand
  • You know what to expect, most adults here in the UK have probably used it



  • Weak and needs firmer massage compared to Fisiocrem
  • Strong unpleaseant odor compard with Fisiocrem
  • Takes longer to target pain in joints
  • Can’t be used by asthmatic persons (strong fumes)
  • Not good people with aspirin allergies
  • There have been side effects with some people



Conclusion after using Voltaren

Very surprising result but not unwelcome! We thought Fisiocrem would be a inferior product but it turns out VOLTAREN has been the most disappointing….  Keep a look out for Fisiocrem to become a much more popular Pain relief cream here in the UK! Check out the Newspaper The Telegraphs review of Voltarol here.



7/10  RATING

Volataren has been beaten by Fisiocrem because it isn’t as good at reducing Joint Pain FAST 




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