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Lower back pain is a considerable health problem in virtually all countries of the civilized world. In fact, in office practice, it is one of the most commonly seen complaints. It is estimated that close to 80 percent of bacrac review UKthe general adult population will experience lower back, or lumbar, pain at some point in their lives. This is highly significant because lower back pain is responsible for more than four hours per year of lost worker productivity. When we factor in work absenteeism, lower back pain disorders rank second only to respiratory infections.

Even more alarming is the fact that individuals suffering from lower back pain represent a significant segment of the chronically disabled population, comparable in numbers to those of cardiovascular affectations and arthritic disability. The cost of treatment for lower back pain rises each year, with recent estimates placing the number at well over $15 billion annually.




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Lower back pain can be caused by many different factors, it is self-limiting, and has an extremely high rate of recurrence. Insofar, as triggering agents are concerned, they are not always readily apparent. In fact, most cases of lower back pain lack any objective clinical signs and specific pathological changes. However, these unknown factors are almost universally to blame for the majority of the lower back pain that is seen in modern clinical practice.

However, despite the alarming nature of this ailment, effective therapeutic treatment programs remain highly problematic and often ineffective. Therefore, it is imperative that the medical community take advantage of all available options.

Unfortunately, because of the highly unpredictable and idiopathic nature of lower back pain, popular treatments such as spinal fusion, facet injection, denervation, electrical nerve stimulation, and acupuncture remain highly ineffective. Further complicating the issue is the fact that operative treatments are just as infective the majority of the time. Therefore, it is recommended that the treatment of lower back and lumbar pain is treated with a safe, cost-effective, and conservative program traction, manipulation, and exercise therapy. Always make sure you are doing exercises too. Check out NHS guide here.




Today, we will take a close look at an emerging product that shows incredible promise in the relief of chronic lumbar pain caused by joint, disc, and muscular injury. Let’s see how the BacRac can support, stretch, and exercise your back.

One of the ways that the BacRac is able to provide relief to patients suffering from chronic lumbar and lower back pain is through skillful use of an assisted spinal manipulation. Essentially, spinal manipulation is a supported passive motion that is applied to the spinal apophyseal and sacroiliac joints. It is important to note the distinction between mobilization and manipulation because this is where the BacRac exceeds and presents the patient with the most benefit.

lordosis pain relief bacracBeyond the normal range of motion of a given synovial joint, there is a small zone of passive mobility. Mobilization constitutes a passive assisted movement in this range of motion. However, beyond this passive range of motion, we encounter an elastic band of resistance.

This barrier has a flexible, spring-like feel due to the elevated intra-articular pressures within the joint which serves as a stabilizing factor in the coadaptation of the joint surfaces. If an articular separation is forced beyond this flexible barrier, the joint surfaces will move apart, and if further separated they will enter what is known as the paraphysiological range of motion. At this point is where the manipulation occurs.

When assisted by the highly supportive BacRac, manipulation of the spinal joints results in a stimulation of the articular mechanoreceptors. This, in turn, has a reflexogenic effect on motor unit activity and the muscles surrounding and supporting the affected lumbar region. Furthermore, BacRac assisted stretching of the apophyseal joint capsules will effectively hinder the facilitated motor neuron pools which are responsible for the elevated muscle excitability and spasms that are so commonly observed to affect patients with chronic lumbar pain.

In the more severe cases of chronic lower back pain, we have observed, time and time again, the presence of peri-articular and intra-articular connective tissue adhesions. BacRac-assisted manipulation and stretching of the spinal joints can easily break these adhesions and relieve the pressure they cause.

Through these mechanisms, BacRac can efficiently interrupt the cycle of pain, muscle spasms, and immobility which predominates so many cases of chronic and severe lower back pain. All clinical trials into the subject support this effect. Universally, we have observed that in the treatment of acute, severe, and chronic lower back pain, assisted manipulation is capable of shortening episodes of pain. Furthermore, the effect is consistently attainable, and thankfully so due to the recurring nature of lumbar joint disorders.

Additionally, BacRac allows patients with lower back pain to perform a systematic exercise plan of different interventions that can vary in type, frequency, and duration. BacRac offers unparalleled convenience in this regard and in its ability to give patients the capacity to perform highly individualized therapeutic programs.

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Most useful in treating lower back pain are programs that include muscle-strengthening exercises limited to the muscle groups of the lumbar region, stretching exercises aimed at increasing the amount of articular movement and degree of range of motion, as well as coordination exercises that improve proprioception and muscle function. If extension mobilization and flexion mobilization exercises are included in the program, even better results can be expected.

BacRac was designed by a group of highly trained osteopaths, and it shows. There is a good reason why so many doctors and physiotherapists are endorsing this fantastic product for the treatment of lumbar joint pain, disc injury, and lower back muscle pain.

BacRac stretches and supports core muscles, relieves intra-articular pressures, articulates and aligns compressed joints, and does so while giving the patient the freedom of achieving high doses of therapeutic exercise from the comfort of their home. BacRac is the real deal.





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